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  • I have been making a simple platforming game and decided that one layout should be switched with another, so I renamed level 5 to level 2 and level 2 to level 5. I switched the event sheets to the corresponding names, and edited everything that was layout specific. However, as soon as I made these changes, the moving platform objects I had made had stopped working, and on level 2 it disappears entirely. I have tried enabling/disabling the platform mechanic, played with the speed setting, and removed and added the sprites to the layout again, but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?

  • So , why initial state is disable?

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  • Because if enabled then it will use the user input and i would be able to control it.

    So I just made a new layout and copied the exact same objects over, and used the same event sheet, and now it works fine. I am not sure what the problem was, but it had nothing to do with the events or settings. Something with the layout itself was bugged.

  • No, to avoid users to take control you have to set the default control to "no".

    If you have the initial state to "no" then the behavior is disable and you cant move it.

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