Moving platforms imprecisify jumping mechanics

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  • Last spring I found out about the advanced scon exporting of Spriter animations, I was thinking to create a platformer with massive bosses, that would require the player to climb on them to defeat them. The technology makes C2 to treat the giant monsters parts as separate objects, for which I can individually attach "solid" behaviors, I can make some spikes on the back dangerous etc. It makes the boss basically a mass of moving platforms, that move horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

    The problem I faced is that when my character is standing on a platforms/parts surface running or standing, its gravity somehow cant keep up with the platforms movements (even when they are pretty slow). Im not completely unable to advance forward along the parts/platforms, but the issue causes my character to often rapidly switch between standing on the floor and being in the air. This shows in the animations with the standing and jumping animations switching in a flashy way, like a hundred times in one second.

    The problem ruins the way the game looks as described, but it also ruins the basic gameplay, because sometimes when I need to doublejump, Im unable to do it because C2 thinks I was already in the air, so it does the second jump first.

    I need your help.

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  • It would be nice to see it in action. Can you share it or a video?

  • Right! There it is. I have ignored many C2 updates, so Im not sure how compatible this is with your versions. Well Ill send a video if theres need for that.

    So some instructions: use A and D to move and W to jump. You can doublejump and control the height depending on how long you hold down W, on both the first and second jump. Move to the left on the platform and the Spriter beast should appear. Start by jumping on the blue crystal platforms, that float above her spiky tail. Dont go on the tail, because it hasnt got solids, youll fall through. From the third platform descend on her back to the upper or lower shell (dont be afraid of those spikes, I havent programmed them to hurt you yet.) Try simply standing on the back and once the rapid animation switching starts, try to doublejump multiple times. Youll see that it plays the doublejump animation (the flipping one) first, sometimes you cant perform the second jump and sometimes you cant even jump at all. By pressing G after the monster has appeared, the monster starts another animation and also starts moving/flying left. For some reason this sometimes works and sometimes not, but right now the main problem is the jumping on the monster.

    BTW that snowman is just a test dummy for all my platformer based games. Im not planning to plagiate the legendary lack of limbs feature of Rayman. ...

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