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  • Hello,

    I'm in a bind. I am trying to create moving platform without Sine. I don't want my platforms to start from the middle, but rather go from point A to point B and stop for exemple. I can't find an easy way to do this. I found a solution with the Custom Movement but it's quite complicated and I can't fathom that there is no better way, easier way.

    I searched all day and found nothing, so I'm posting this. If anybody has a solution, please, please help. Oh also if someone know how to make platforms move in diagonal, I'll take that too.

    Thank you


  • Assign it a bullet behaviour, can be in any direction and disable it when it's reached location.

    Remember to turn off rotation.

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  • Kiyki many ways you could do this but, here is simple way

  • Oh I hadn't thought of that at all. It's clever. Thank you a lot Lord Shiva !

  • I did a lot of moving platforms in my game, its pretty simple

    1- give your platform Bullet Behavior, and make sure it goes the way you want

    2- make a line for it to bounce off of OR have it bounce off of existing terrain

    3- Give this type of behavior: On collision with Surface > Set Bullet bounce off Surface +Set platform Mirrored

    You can check it out here


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