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  • Hello again... I need some help here (again)!

    I want to make a movement based on pixels count, let me more detailed...

    If I press the Left Arrow I can move a sprit a -80px or Right Arrow +80px, I don't know if you can understand, but you can see exactly this system on the game "Megaman Battle Network" on the battle scene... Maybe I will put an AI later, but for now I want to learn how to make the basics for my project. All I want to work on my project is this phase of movement, I want to make him move for a amount of pixels in X Y coordinates and make him stop, you know, for not go out of the screen... You can ask me anything for more details, for more resources or everything!!

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  • Here is an example I had for a simple stepping/grid movement system. I just added an additional condition to each movement key to constrain or set limits for the movement. In this case it is 3x3 space like the game example you mentioned. ... .capx?dl=0

  • MAAAAN this is all what I need! Thanks! Well... I look for the Pokemon Grid movement tuto video too and compare for my perfect view, and you WIN! xD

    Ok... now, I just have a little trouble to configure the grid... I'm starting to search by myself, but how you make this exemple I think you can give me a hand here


    this is the CAPX of my archive... can you help-me?

    I just want to make him move in the red squares and no more than that

  • Don't worry I fix it!

  • If you still need help, we need the encryption key of that Mega Share.

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