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  • I need to make work the event to fade out layout 1 objects before loading (going to) layout 2 on mouse click. When I'm using start fade on objects the next action (go to layout 2) doesn't waits when they fade out so layout 2 showing immediately.

    Ok. Tryed the wait action and this seems to work. Is there are a possibility don't to fade out every objects but layer using its transparency/opacity for example?

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  • Maybe set an event to reduce each layer's opacity (such as by -100*dt, for a one second fadeout) and then have a second event that changes to a new layout once a specific layer's opacity is equal to 0.

  • You could also do it the opposite way by having an invisible white (or other colored rectangle) the size of the visible screen and have it fade in (giving the impression that the level is fading to the next layout). You could then have any objects that you want visible still moved to the layer above the rectangle.

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