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  • Hi,

    Currently, I have an animation with three frames. Every 5 seconds, one of the animations is displayed on screen. I then click on a point in the map, and that object moves there.

    After 5 more seconds, another random animation is displayed on screen. Now, if I click on a second point on the map, both the instances of the object get moved to the new location.

    What I want is: An instance should only move once. Once it is placed/overlapped on a "spawn point", it should not get affected when I click on a second "spawn point" for a new instance of the animation.

    Please help.


  • I don't know how you have your events set up, but add a variable to the object. Once moved change the variable and add a condition to the moving so the sprite can only be moved if the variable isn't changed.

  • Amazing!! Added a boolean to the object, and added a condition that, if the boolean is false, move the object, else not to move. Thanks!

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  • If you get into more trouble with instances be sure to read the topics about Picking/selecting instance(s) in the FAQ

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