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    So I'm cleaning up my project now that I have access to object families. I have a entity which contains a instance variable called "Selected", and the entity type I would like to move into a new object family. If I try and give the family a variable of "Selected", it will say I need to remove the entity instance variable first.

    The problem is, if I remove the instance variable from the entity first (so I can recreate it in the object familiy), all the actions I have setup will be deleted.

    Is there a way to move an entities variable to an object family without losing all the events?


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  • I found a manual way of doing this that others might find helpful. I only found out I could do this by accident!

    Turns out if you edit a condition or action, if you click the 'back' button it doesn't go back to the event sheet, it actually goes back through the settings of the action/event, all the way back to the object type. This lets you change what object type it is using without recreating the action. I wonder if there's others who didn't notice this either <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    So I renamed the instance variables I had, added it to the object family, and then went through all my events/actions and modified the type of object they are associated with. Took a few minutes of work, but it works.

    If anyone knows of an easier or different way, please do share.

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