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  • Hey guys,

    I can think of a few ideas, but none of them are very elegant, to solve the issue I'm having.

    I'm trying to create a Jumping Jack game like in this movie:

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    Is there an easy or elegant way to achieve this effect in C2? How would you go about this? I'm talking about moving holes.


  • Bump... anyone? Thanks.

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  • I'm sure there are other ways that could be done but one I thought of is to use sprites for the holes, where the sprite's color is that of the background, so it looks like a hole.

    When the player jumps you could do a collision detection to see if there's a hole there. If not, the player doesn't go through. Otherwise the player goes through.

    The hole being under the player would be a bit trickier I think. Perhaps others have ideas on how it could be done.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see how it goes.

  • Here's my suggestion~

    Create an object for the hole~

    Image blend it to make it alpha when collide with floor~

    So that you can beautify the background as you can~

    Make the height of the hole larger than the floor a bit~

    Detect if player collide hole, if yes, turn off floor collision~

    That's it, good luck~ ^^

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