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  • Good evening,

    i would like to ask you guys if any of you had the same problem as mine.

    I cannot figure out how i can move my sprite in only 4 directions, or to unfreeze the animation.

    I went to the point where i can move left, right, up and down with changing graphics. When i hold righ + down (all combinations) it goes exactly there but the sprite is freezing.

    Im attaching the screen.

    I relly need your help guys.

  • To remove the freezing try this:

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  • 8Direction movement already comes with with movment on direction. So why are you adding extra movement code? As I see it your 8Direction is never used. You should remove the move 1 pixel at angle X. then give your 8Direction an acceleration value say 1500.

    so here is what is happening. Your not using 8 direction at all. *direction has it' own math to move the position values of the sprite. Instead your doing a

    Onkeyboard then do move. Which has nothign to do with 8 Direction.

    But since Keyboard works indenpendently of 8Direction. Pressing 2 direction keys at once will evaulate both to truee. and thus you will get diagnol movement.

    that's why it's not working.

    RecGames makes a good point. Is your animation walking? and is it set to loop?

    Also have you done the first tutorial. Teaches the basic fundamentals or is this a muddle the way through? I found muddling very hard and had to work throught he first tutorials.

  • Now all my grpahics are reversed.

    But thank you for help.


    Fixed. Thank you very much. =)

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