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  • I have node points that correspond with node buttons you can click. I am trying to get the player sprite to travel to each point when clicked, but only to the nodes that are joined by rail. (The moving I have down, it is the picking I am having issues with.)

    I stored a text variable "AvailableNodes" in Each Node button. Example "0,2,3". When you click on the Node Button I want to search the text var with TokenAt and see if the node the player is on is in the list. Then send the player to that node that was clicked.

    One question I have is: When storing a text value in an object variable, when using TokenAt, do I add "" in the variable or not?

    I may be doing something wrong with TokenAt... I really need another pair of eyes to look at this and help...   PLEASE?

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  • from what you are saying alone I would try to set the player as a bullet,

    and every time the player/bullet collides with an object/click set bullet to stop or change angle/speed etc.

    that's what I would do.

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