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  • Wanted to make a move for a zombie. type, it stops, walk a little and when you see the player move ahead.

    Please send capx as one example ...

  • Franceilton

    By the looks of it, you are a new Construct 2 user. So, welcome to the community.

    There are many ways that you can achieve zombie movement, however it is more then likely someone is not going to do all the work for you.

    I suggest looking through examples on the forum, reading tutorials and asking for tidbits of help, just not an entire example, as many forum users will not bend over and make an entire example for you.

    If you had a working .capx file, showing you are at least giving minimal effort, that would be a different story as well.

  • What part of the zombie-movement will you need help with?

    What behaviour are you using?

    Is the player the zombie or are the enemies?

    Is the game top-down or from the side?

    Have you implemented the line of sight yet or will you be using pathfinder behaviour?

    Please send a capx for us to improve upon.

  • the movement is pathfinding.

    I did not add the line of sight

    the zombies are enemies

    game viewing is above

  • guys my english sucks

    I am Brazilian

    and if you can create the game q qero I'll buy the paid version

  • You don't have to buy the paid version if you let others make your games.

    It is very possible to create this, so if you put in the effort to show you've tried and make the game untill your understanding of events stops you, people might want to help you overcome these obstacles.

    If you have trouble getting started, you might like the ghost shooter tutorial, following that you'll learn a lot about events and the game might even be a bit like what you want to create.

  • LittleStain is spot on, definatly do the tutorial, its great material and helps you learn quick.

    I believe this one is in your language:


  • Thanks for the tutorial but it was the first I saw.

    And not the zombie turns to me and not to follow me when I'm far away.

    I'm not able to send the capx. What do I do?

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  • to compare the distance you can use

    distance(zombie.x, zombie.y, player.x, player.y)

  • would be much easier if I could send you to capx

  • then you know the error

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