How do I do movement left and right from a finger swipe..

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  • At the moment my game is currently got the control scheme from the 8 movement scheme which is not right for my game as its an infinite faller and I want only left and right movement from a finger swipe not up and down this is what I have so far:

    Touch, Is in touch : Move 300 * dt pixels at angle (self.x,self.y, touch.x, touch.y)

    System, distance(player.x, player.y, touch.x, touch.y) >300 *dt

    which I used from the infinite scroller tutorial I believe, (which are really helpful, and have helped me loads) I have no idea and have tried so many time to get it right to just use the left and right control scheme but failed miserably.

    Any help would be greatly needed, I have already had so much help and suggestions from this community and feel bad for asking for it again but it would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks for your time.


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