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  • I have been using custom movement and some objects to get an object that will be attracted to your location and everything, but it jitters when the player moves.

    Hammer Movement

    It's especially noticeable when I scale it up for the current project I'm working on, so I was wondering what kind of solutions would you folks recommend.

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  • Use Pin behavior when it collides.

    Pin bevahior never jitters.

  • Use Pin behavior when it collides.

    Pin bevahior never jitters.wjr@Joannesalfa

    Pin can unpin it so it won't overlap/go through the wall when I need the lockon box to move through walls right?

  • Well it can Unpin it, but I might be using it wrong or something.

    Especially at higher speeds it's noticable when you the jitter happens

    However I rearranged some code originating with the marker, and apparently it should go before control functions of the hammer to ensure it's position is updated before the other's.

  • Thndr Honestly, I don't know what's your design of this game. You should implement groups as booleans.

  • Well that was more of an example trying to get things working, in case there was more custom movement bugs to report.

    Re-arranging the code got it working the way I wanted, since the code that adjusted the marker boxes came between hammer movement modifications, causing the issue

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