How do I move window on screen center?

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  • So I used local storage to remember the window width/heigtht, so that when i access the game again it remember the choosen screen size, and it works fine.

    The problem is, every time i run the game again, the window is not centered on the screen, but ismoved to the right side. I tried using the NW.js X/Y action (scrollx/y) but didnt work. Maximizing and unmaximizing didn't work either, is there a way to move it to the center of my monitor?


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  • if your talking about the viewport you can't in have to move the screen at load time. best way I found was a small sprite put it in the center of x,y location you want the screen and add a scroll too position, now on the onstart of layout, run the scroll to image. this will position your viewport to the center of that image.

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