How do I move view window to center of layout?

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  • Hello,

    I'd just like to move the window view indicator (dashed lines) to the center of the screen, so I can set spawn points outside and then have them move inside the view window.

    However, cant figure out how to do this without placing a sprite in the middle, setting it as scroll to. But then I dont have an indicator to see where the edges of my view are to place spawn points.

    If someone could help me figure out how to move the window view indicator? Thanks.

  • You can't..

    The dotted line shows the view from coordinate 0,0 (top-left) to x,y (bottom-right) where x = project-width and y = project-height..

    You could always use the viewortleft(), viewporttop() etcetera to spawn based on viewport..

    Or if you want to do it your way, scrolling to a sprite, viewportleft would be sprite.x - 0.5* (your project width) as long as you don't use fullscreen-scaling, for that might change the coordinates of your viewport-edges..

  • [quote:3vvns05u]LittleStain

    Have the ability to move Layout to the center Window ?

    like this

  • Hey SamLarsen97!

    You could create a bigger layout and center the camera On start of layout like in this capx: ... .capx?dl=0

    In this example I marked the center of the layout with the yellow square and the spawn points (outside of the view) with blue ones. You may use the arrows to navigate around and see how everything is positioned.

    Help this helps. Cheers!

  • Hey brunopalermo

    I tried to open your provided capx but my C2 said that it was saved from the newest version, r247.

    first, how can it be, you got r247 but in C2 website, the latest version is still r244?

    second, is there any other way to open it or maybe you can explain a little bit about the capx?

    thank you.

  • Hey Darknessed!

    There are two kinds of releases: stables, currently on r244, and beta releases, now on r247. You can download it here:

    Sadly, construct does not allowus to save as a preview stable release, which, I guess, would be a nice feature to have...

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  • brunopalermo

    Oh, i see..thanks for the heads up..i'm on my way downloading r247..

    when i'm done opening your capx, i'll be in touch again..

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