How do I move towards position of another layer?

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  • I have a game where a player collects coins. Each time a coin is collected, particles spawn and I want those particles to move towards the energy meter in the top right. The only problem I have is that the energy meter is on the "UI" layer so it does not move with the camera that follows the player on the "Game" layer.

    I have tried moving the particles to the 'UI" layer, but then they never spawn at the proper location since the player is moving. I tried using custom movement and bullet behaviors, but I cannot get an accurate movement path since the coins are not always collected from the same position. Any advice?

  • Your not going to be able to accomplish it. At least not in the way your doing it. The problem is the spawned position(coordinates) is always going to be a different coordinates on the UI layer. It's basically a parallax issue. I've tried to make a work around for his but without luck. You can sometimes get close, but not exact. If you or some one else, do come up with a solution, I'll be interested in seeing it

  • The layer to canvas and canvas to layer expression may work to translate the particle to the hud layer at teh good coordinate, then you just have to move them.

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  • There's an example here:

  • There's an example here:

    This worked perfectly and was exactly what i wanted to do. Thanks!

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