How do I move towards center of ladder

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  • So I'm making a ladder from scratch, using some of the nice tutorials around for inspiration. I can't find mention of this particular thing though.

    The character can move freely on the ladder - up, down and to the sides so he can drop off if wanted. However, I'd like him to slowly move back towards the center of the ladder on his own if I don't touch any movement buttons. Basically, I want a "for each tick, move player 1 pixel towards center of the ladder object"-expression. And I just can't figure out how or where to write it. Anyone got any good ideas?

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  • What behavior are you using for the player movement?

    If he's always animated when moving, you could use (under animations) on any finished.

    If he's using platform behavior, you can use "on stopped" under "platform animation triggers" or

    use "is moving" but inverted.

    If your using 8 direction behavior, you can use "is moving" Inverted.

    You don't need to use "every tick". That would be an improper use "every tick".

    Hope this helps.

  • I see! I think. I shall have a poke around. Thanks!

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