How do I move things from one event sheet to the next?

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  • Is there a fast way to copy actions in an event sheet ant then copy past to another event sheet?

    I just created all these behaviors for a character, and I just want to import them to another event sheet. Does anyone know a way short of redoing it again? I also, found the paste option limiting.

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  • This is one of the things I am finding hard to deal with. I am used to a classical programming environment where it's really easy to cut n paste snippets of code from a prototype or other project to your current project. C2's IDE really limits workflow in this area.

    It is possible to copy/paste from sheet to sheet and also across different instances of the editor, but you must make sure that any variables/objects that are referenced by the pasted code have been added to the target project.

  • Not sure if this helps, but are you aware you can include event sheets in a layout? If you tends to reuse a lot of common events (like the bulk of the game's engine) you should make those part of your master event sheet to include in all your levels.

  • just give names to your spirte like events sheet spirte's name .

  • LOL, it was a really easy answer--

    "Right-click inside the event sheet somewhere, and look for the "include event sheet" option in the popup. You need to do this in both event sheets, generally." 

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  • You already had this answer a few posts up

    Also you didn't give the critical information: you want to copy ALL events from an event sheet to another, not just some of them. Anyway, you have it working now.

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