How do I move an sprite without overlapping

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  • Hi, I have two solid objects(player and rock). The player have custom movement, when I press "W" it accelerates vertically -20000 and sets player variable "moving " to 1(initialized with 0). have WASD for the controlls(the same as the "W" but different dorections).

    When player collides with a rock and moving is 1 accelertion from customMovement is setted to 0 and variable moving to 0 too.

    The problem is when the player colllides with a rock, first if the player just rub the rock without a "collision" it stops and if the player collides with the rock it overlaps inside.

    Anyone have any idea what can I do?

    Thanks in advantage :d

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  • Give the Rock the "SOLID" behaviour and give the player the "PUSH OUT SOLID" behaviour.

    Now, add an event "on start of layout", and an action "Player: Add obstacle: Rock" under that.

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