How do I move each sprite in turn

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  • Usually i can work things out over time

    my problem

    I have a sprite called Villain - this sprite is repeated a few times over a map randomly placed

    when it comes to the bad guy turn (turn based game) i am trying to get the Villains to move closer to the player

    it is a tilemap style movement so i am shifting him 32 pixels

    however i have tried for each Villain in so many ways to get them to judge the x or y and i just cannot get them to do anything like 'if' x is greater than player.x then villain.x -32 etc

    each move takes 1 action point from the villain which is another complication i am really struggling with, any help would be massively appreciated

  • Fantastic Idea, I would like to know how to accomplish this too.. I'm trying to wrap my mind around turn based play and would love to see a tutorial.

  • Is the villan a sprite, or a tile on the tilemap ? I might be able to bang something out if I know which

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  • Is the villan a sprite, or a tile on the tilemap ? I might be able to bang something out if I know which


    the villains are sprites moving on a tilemap (they are the same sprite duplicated a random number amount) they have a number of action points by what type of mob they are in this instance they have 2

    at the moment i have the player move then it ends turn but my villains either shoot a large distance across the map of stand there like trees

  • Actually think i have cracked it

    using 'for each' and conditions + boolean on villain instance variable move true/false

    also 'function' in there helped move or fight for very basic AI thanks for reply and if you have a better way i would be massively grateful still

  • Let me know if you need a hand still

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