How do I Move sprite outside to side

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  • Hi guys,

    3 question:

    How Sprite (PG) can move without command ( like video ) till arrived to X position?

    When he arrive, ihave a sprite outside layer, and i want this sprite is visible he come in layout and stop to ground in front a PG

    And when finish all player can move with command

    Any help pls?

  • What do you mean with "(PG) can move without command" ?

  • Sorry dat english, pg = character, auto move in front sprite metion in first question.

    Do you understand ? or i post photo so is simple understand

  • No one have idea how do that?

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  • This all sounds very basic, have you read the manual? For movement you can set the X or Y position. To make visible you set visible enabled/disabled. It sounds like you are trying to set up some kind of cinematic sequence, for that you can use a function to run a load of movement commands in order.

  • Yes i want set up cinematic sequence, i think is well learn here basic with help of peoples like you.

    so which command i use for start animation " walk left" when start layout

  • On start of layout > Start animation "Walk Left"

  • yes but with these cmd sprite stay, i try :

    On start of layout > Start animation "Walk Left" and 8direction simulate left

    but nothing.

    with bullet yes work, but i want he stop when foot(sprite come in side) is visible and start animation


    with control : bullet distance i check when stopped and start animation.

  • I know this might sound silly but why not do a video of the scene rather then to mess with all of that as in make out the dialogue in the game and record your gameplay of "as in direct your own movie" and then save the video and have it load for when you need that scene to play so that it reduce the amount of code of moving every thing by thousands of code. and while the "movie is playing " you can do background moving to where when the movie ends you are at the spot when the movie ends.

  • Simulate me the command. yes is possible i will do that

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