How do I move sprite to global layer at run time?! Hi I'm t

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  • Hi I'm trying to move some sprites from a layer to a global layer at run time. The sprites doesn't show in the next layout. Could not find anything about it not being possible in the manual. But you probably know?!

    It look some thing like this:

    Sprite#1 is overlapping sprite#2 move to global layer

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  • I actually think a global layer are separated layers and not one consistent layer that will exist throughout the game (which is indeed not how you might expect them to run), I may be wrong on that one but that would explain it.

    Making the sprite global might work but could be problematic as I do not think it is possible to togle the globality parameter inside the event sheet (and also is not something I'd recommand doing for sprites without a lot of care, basically on ending the layout you would have to destroy the ones that still exists and are not on the global layer).

  • Thanks for your quick reply Aphrodite

    To bad I thought I was clever and figured out a neat way to hack together an inventory. Guess I have to do it the toilsome way.

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