How do I move my ship in the direction it's front is pointed

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  • I'm trying to get my ship to move forwards...However it moves to the right of screen, sideways. Even when I rotate the ship its movement forward is always Sideways...I've tried 8-way movement, Bullet, and Custome movement Accelerated at self.angle...what am I doing wrong?

  • The answer is in the Beginner's Tutorial

  • Yes I've read that for 2 days now, that's why I can't figure out why it isn't working, I need to get the ships "Forward" to be the direction it's facing, which it sort of does, but it's "Forward" Direction is it's right side, so whatever direction the right side faces be it N,S,E, W, or any variation, for some reason, the right side of the ship is always "Forward"

  • Have you got the ship facing to the right in the image editor?

  • Well what I'm saying is even when I do, the ship only treats "Forward" no matter what as the right side of the ship i.e: it's wing

    doesn't matter what it's rotation is, editor or not'

    I can make it face whatever Direction I want it to, and It's still only accelerating in a forward motion via it's right wing, no matter the orientation

  • Just rotate the ship 90 degrees clockwise in the sprite editor so that 'visual' right is angle 0 (right). Then make sure you have 'set angle:yes' for bullet, etc.

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  • Well It's movement is CustomMovement, I did rotate the ship to face it's nose to the right, now it's nose is "forward" thanks, Though I wonder why I can't set it the front of the ship to forward no matter it's starting angle...Thanks for the help though! Now I've just gotta get the shots straight as well!

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