How do I Move several objects as one

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  • Hello, i have created some pretty complicated system from several sprites, now i need to move them all at once so their position to each other wont change. May i group it somehow and move the group? I mean moving in the editor as one. Thank you

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  • just select all of them and move them , or you can dynamicly position them in runtime by code

  • lol, thank you, but i do not want to select all 15 sprites one by one. I need some kind of prefab

  • The only thing that comes to mind would be to pin them all angle/position to image points on a hidden (collision free) spite and then move that sprite...

  • Hi If you can lock down any other sprites that might be affected by this, you can drag/drop a rectangle over your group of sprites and it will select all sprites fully enclosed within the rectangle.

  • alright so the best way is to make layer only for what i need and than just select the whole layer, thanks

  • as i understood he want to do that in the editor not in runtime, so it's not about pin behavior or collision or position or angle or whatever, he ask if there is somthing like grouping some sprites together as in some other softwares for example in inkscape i groupe objects using Ctrl + G

  • warville you understood very well, there is no grouping unfortunatelly

  • You can Shift+click to make multiple selections but if there are a lot overlaps that won't be as easy as it sounds (and you say you don't want to pick each one by it self). As hundredfold said, a rectangular selection that envelops all the sprites will do, but perhaps it will select more Sprites than needed, if, again, overlapping sprites exist. The safest way will indeed be to move all of the desired Sprites to a separate Layer, lock other layers and pick them from there.

    After selecting them all however, there is the option of "Wrap selection", which will make all sprites behave as a group (rescaling for example will happen from the centre of the wrapped selection and not for each sprite individually).

    To use "Wrap selection" right click on the selected Sprites and choose it from the drop down menu,

  • thanks helpful

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