How do I move a ProgressBar to another layer via Event Sheet

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  • How do I move a ProgressBar/Button or other components which doesn't have this "Move to Layer" option to another layer via Event Sheet?

    I could easily do it then I'm on a scene editing, but how can I do it via an Event?

    This "Layer" property is in a common property group but i can't find the way operate it via scripting...

    Could anybody help me with this?

  • Hi,

    I do not fully understand but you can create your HUD in a separate layout with layer HUD (make sure no other layer has this name) and make that layer a GLOBAL layer. This way it will be included in all layouts and so you don't need to create it in every layout.

  • Thanks, this info is also useful for me, but this is not exactly that I was asking for.

    I mean, that I can't find the way to change the Initial Layer of an object such as ProgressBar via an Event Sheet.

    For example for a sprite object, we could do it via Action: OurSprite : Move to layer ; new layer

    But for ProgressBar there is no such an option like for Sprite.

    If for example i want to hide a progressBar by moving it for a specific layer together with the sprite it is attached to, what should I do in that case?

  • Hi,

    I usually create my own progress bars simply with any rectangle and regulating width or height, so i never had that problem. Maybe someone else can comment for that.

    But if you want to hide it, you can always put another sprite on top of it i guess or simply move it to X = -200 or something (out of the screen) and then move it back into the screen when you need.



  • It is a Form Element, it its not 'on a layer somewhere in the canvas'. It is a 'form on top of the canvas'.

    You want it into the canvas, then you got to make one out of sprites.

    Use a Tiled Background for the bar, easier.

    Plz check the manual for it.

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  • Thank you for your replies. You helped me to settle down with this.

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