How do i move to position using physics

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  • Hi evrey one i really need this solution guys !!


    All i have on the scene is :

    a mouse ,

    an object which i set his position to the mouse position , (it have physic behaviour)

    a second object with physic behaviour ( falling )

    the problem is when i move the first object quickly with the mouse it look like is going trough the falling object a little and he take the exacte postion and really it looks weird and doesnt look good !!

    And i have to :

    notice that when i use the drag and drop behaviour to move the object the collision works perfect ! the object dont go trough the other like when i move it with setting his position evrey tick to mouse position ,

    in my opinion it look like the sprite come before the collision shape or something like this !

    maybe moving it with physics not by setting position will solve this if its right how to move it to the mouse position using physics .

    thanks in advance

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  • If you don't mind it instantly moving to where your mouse is. I think destroying the object, and then re-creating it at Mouse.X and Mouse.Y works well. That's what I use for my physics-based game with checkpoints.

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