What can move a platform sprite?

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  • I asked this about a week ago but received no reply so I thought I'd ask it again. What can move a platform sprite? I'm making a sprite that looks like a gust of wind and I want it to push the platform sprite but the only way I was able to accomplish that was by making a transparent solid sprite with the sine property to push the sprite but now the platform sprite can jump on top of transparent object. So my question is what can also move or push a platform sprite?

  • I think only solid can move a platform sprite, however, you could still move it around with the "Move at angle" action:

    Angle : the angle in degrees

    Distance : Speed*dt ; where speed is the speed in pixels by seconds

    or if you want to move it with X and Y speeds:

    Angle : Angle(0, 0, Speed_X, Speed_Y)

    Distance : sqrt(Speed_X*Speed_X+Speed_Y*Speed_Y)*dt ; where Speed_X and Speed_Y are the speeds in pixels by seconds

  • Would it work to use if the platform-sprite is overlapping the transparent sprite (I would take away the solid behaviour) platform - set vector x?

  • Aphrodite, how do I get a gradual movement? Move at angle is sending him yes but I want it to look likes hes being pushed back not just being teleported around.

  • How come when I say: On collision with spr_wind => Simulate control right, doesn't work?

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  • Is it because the sprite is falling while he is colliding with the wind?

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