How do I move peers upon Hit in MultiPlayer

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  • [attachment=0:21vyzpcg][/attachment:21vyzpcg] I have followed the real time multiplayer template, I am trying to make a bumper car game. I want to move the two players who were in a bump(hit) together. The events I have work for the last(most recent) player who enter the room(game)(local testing only on Dev pc), (I suspect it would be the same off a server, based on prior experience). The events I have now work as best I have been able to get them. But the action still only works correctly for the latest player that enters the room. I am calling a Function in the Host section, passing PeerHitID, HitterAngle, and FiringPeerID. All the events seem to be firing, but the set position of the FiringPeerID peer only works correctly for the most recent peer that entered the room. I have tried everything I can think of, but still no joy. So I am hoping someone can help me by giving me some different Ideas, or anything. Ashley 'I need some help please'. I am going to try to post my capx if it lets me, If its not here, if you think you can help me, let me know your gmail and I'll send it or share it.

    Thanks for any help/ideas

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