How do I Move a Particle in One Shot mode?

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  • So im trying to have a particle scroll past the screen while its in "One Shot mode" it only works for "Continuos Spray" .. I even Pinned it to a object and also did a "Every Tick set position to Object" that had a bullet behavior aswell. It will not move in "One Shot mode" whatever i try or do. im guessing the particle object destroys right away in one shot mode even tho it looks like its still there .... >.>.

    Please dont ask for a .capx, all the things i tryed are deleted now. You can try this out for yourself and see that "bullet behavior" or "every tick set position to object" will not respond in one shot mode for the particle. im trying to think of any idea around this to make it look like a "one shot" particle is moving.

    This was for a shoot em up game and the idea was to have a scrolling astroid blow up while the one shot particle it spawns still follows the scrolling path the astroid was on.

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  • Wouldn't that be like trying to move the confetti after shooting it out of a confetti-gun?

    I don't think moving the gun after shooting will work for that..

  • You prob dont get what im sayin, all my objects scroll past the screen giving the illusion that my character is travelin high speed. so when a scrolling astroid comes thru and i shoot it, it spawns a one shot particle that looks like a firework.

    I would like this firework looking particle to scroll past the screen giving the illusion that the screen left it behind even tho it is really moving past me.

    I thought of a work around since bullet will only work in continuos spray, and have it fade out. But then i lose the look of the explosion firework effect from the particle moving.

    Hope i can find a way around this. maybe a plugin or something.

  • one idea

  • Making own particles? Thats a great idea RamPack, just wondering now if that would cause any issues in performance compared to the Particle object doing its thing. I didnt understand function parameters until i stared long and hard at the way u set em up there in your events. tyty!

  • I imagine that diy particles have to be a bigger hit on performance than the built in one. But if you can't do what you want with the built in ones and if you are careful and test a lot...

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