How do I move ovehead object to other position?

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  • Hi!

    How can to move a object position if this object is near of other object?

    Example, if a floating coin (like mario), is near from a box (overhead), move the coin in x or y position to leave to overhead.

    And other question.

    If i have a score, how can to save this score for a specific player and to make a ranking?


  • Do you mean something like:

    coin is overlapping


    coin is overlapping at offset - coin set x = self.x + 5

  • How to do that?, i have a random generator of boxes, this boxes are generated in random x y positions, also i have obstacles in specific positions, but the boxes when are generated, overlapping the obstacles:

    The idea is to move the box generation some pixels far of obstacle, depending of your position.


    I found the option, in the object functions appears is overlapping to object. If i click this option and after set the new positions the problem is solved.

  • the boxes have the same parameters ? do a need to create a new box?

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  • Yes, the same parameters, u put a box, and then copy and copy ...

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