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  • Hello!

    I`m a bit of a noobie, only installed Construct last night.

    Its brilliant, I am beavering away on my first, probably terrible, game.

    I am struggling though to understand how I can have a title screen to launch the game, rather than having the game run straight away.

    I`ve made another layer, slapped a title on it, but dont know what to do next!

    I`m reading through the manual, but not sure what I should be looking for, can anyone give me some pointers so I can understand this process?!


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  • Haha!

    I think I worked it out (this is partly what I`m loving about Construct you can work stuff out!)

    For anyone else trying this, this is what I did....

    1 Added a Button to my title screen

    2 added an event for that button, On Clicked

    3 added a System Action: Go to Layout "x"

    and that was it!!

    Simple really! Unless there`s another way of doing this?!


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