How do I move objects for a cut-scene?

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  • Hello C2 community!

    Here with a dilemma and hoping I can get some help:

    I'm working on the cut-scene for my game and I need a certain object to "scroll" upwards or vertically... Think of a sunrise in the early morning, that's exactly what I want to execute in my game... I'm using the 8 Direction behavior on said object, but the results haven't faired well so far... I have a pic of what I got code-wise:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I'm not sure if 8 Dir is needed to achieve what I want to do... If anyone can point me in the direction of a tutorial or have the answer themselves, I'd appreciate the help...

  • Would it not be easier to just apply the bullet behaviour to the object you want to scroll?

    Set bullet angle of motion to 270 & bullet speed to whatever you need and it will scroll vertically upwards..

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  • bertie Booster:

    I tried the bullet behavior on a previous screen and finally got it to function. I haven't thought of your way of using it... It's worth a try.

  • bertie Booster:

    Ok thank you for the assist there, but I have another problem with the bullet behavior... How can I get my object to "stop moving" once It's reached my desired position for it? Again thank you for your help...

  • Create a new invisible sprite where you want your object to stop. Then add new event on collision to your object then select the invisible sprite. Then add action object > bullet > set enabled construct will popup if you want to set it enabled or disabled, select disabled then click ok and it's done.

  • jvpds:

    That's a good idea and thank you for contributing... I think I figured it out though: If I use the System wait action, then add Bullet disabled, it will stop the object from moving any further... Exactly what I wanted!!! I can see your method working in this instance as well...

    bertie Booster:

    Again thank you for the help!

  • You're welcome.

    Another way of achieving what you want is to stop bullet movement when the Y co-ordinate is below a set amount like in the pic.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • bertie Booster:

    Thank you! I will save your image for future reference... I truly appreciate the quick reply and help with my situation :)

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