How do I move object with slide direction?

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  • I want to slide an object over one tile when swiping like the tile game "2048". How do I achieve this?

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  • lol dude your the creator of astro jump?XD i see now the picture of avatar good job with that!:) awsome game i have a game like always jumping also!:D working at it adding shop and the third gamemode now!:D

    soon will share my version on completed games!:D yea i wanted to make a 2048 game also! to slide it !

    i have source of it! but the mobile i think it works with drag and drop! you can try drag and drop the "object" over the other with same number ! or if you want to make them move! on mobile use gama and beta for tilt

    i have an example of 8way movement you can use that and change the 8 way to 4 way! and make the "object" with platform movement! and when hits the object with same value will killboth and creat in last x of the sitting object a value+value = bigger value object!:) i think this will work! il try clone it today i have a guy that wants it! and if i manage to finish it il share a capx example!

  • I have working example about slide puzzle I posted here

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