How do I Move object with regard to own rotation vs layouts

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  • Hi all,

    Just looking to see if there is an easy way to move an object with regard to the objects own orientation instead of along the layouts x y axis. For example, if an object was rotated 45 degrees, and I used the 8 dir movement behavior, currently the object will move straight left along the layout's x axis if I simulate left input.

    I know I could just use "move at angle" action, but was wondering if there was an easier way to get movement (with acceleration, decel) identical to the objects settings for 8 dir movement behavior. Some objects I use move with regard to the layouts axis, and others I want to move with regard to their own rotation, so it would be convenient to have the same consistency of movement without trying to simulate this through too events. Thanks!

  • If you want localized rotation dont use 8 direction. Use Rotate clockwise and rotate counter clockwise... The localize movement is Move Forward. Wish there was also move right and move left for strafe .

    There is a car behavior too, maybe with some tweaking it will work as well.

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  • Ya, the rotation is fine. I need the strafing left and right with regard to objects rotation. Eh, I was hoping I was just missing a setting or something simple, I guess it's likely I'll just have to use some events for it.

  • I have a solution I am uploading now, Check your PM in about 5 minutes

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