How do I Move an object to another Layout?

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  • So, i have been having a problem figuring out how to move an object to another layout, a function which i need for a small App i am making (Yeah, i know Construct2 isn't really intended for App making)

    In essence, try to think of it as an RPG, where two adjacent rooms are each on a different Layout (Screens). what i want is to have an Non Playable Character walk around the room the player is in, and if he is being told to, or do so on his own, be able to cross to the other room and remain there at a specific location (Based on the NPC stats) until the player enters the other room and see it.

  • Hi,

    Maybe you can use a function to store character data into a global array when a character leaves the layout. And when you go to that layout, re spawn a character with the data you stored, to reproduce the previous one, and make it go where you want or spawn at a specified location.

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  • Thanks. your solution was solid.

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