How do I move object on isometric angle (bullet, custom)

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  • Hi,

    I would like to start the game and have an object move 45 degrees up and right until I press left, then it moves 45 degrees up and left. Thats it.

    I have set the object to custom movement and it works OK, but when you press either button, you get loads of sway, so it will eventually go the way you pressed, but not instantly.

    If you use the 8 way function, it does not use the isometric angle properly but moves instantly.

    I also require the object to be like a bullet and keep moving in said direction until I press the button.

    I am basically copying this idea: Please Google 'tiny car app' click on images and its the first one, as the URL has been removed.

    But the above cannot be controlled very well.

    Any ideas guys?


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  • Ok checked out the screenshots, why couldn't you just use vehicle behavior?

  • Thanks, I will try that and use a right button that says, on clicked, act as if 'right and up' is pressed etc.

    Any ideas on the always moving problem?

  • I threw together a quick capx that simply uses angle changes to represent what I think you mean control wise.. of course it would need lots of fine tuning and isometric sprites to represent sides of vehicles on 45 degree travels, would simply change to that frame upon left/right keypress.. and drop a skid mark sprite in left/right turn direction as well... (if I was looking at right screenshot of tiny car game).

    Construct2's forum file attaching is obviously still broken... here is the capx in my dropbox: (click the download arrow in the upper right corner of screen)

  • Thanks very much, that capx was great.

    Yes, that worked, the only thing is that when you press l/r you turn instantly, but I know that is a bullet feature.

    I tried the car behavior and that is only good for over the top views really.

    I'll keep trying.

    Thanks again.

  • Custom movements are an extensive project and the movement behaviors we use with Construct2 are quite extensive code blocks.

    The key to making a custom is to figure out exactly what "feel" your going for and work it till you achieve that feel.

    In my crude example for instance you could make the angle change occur over time thus slowing the instant change or add in a lag when key pressed to make it less responsive. You could also add your own momentum slide by continuing forward motion slightly as the sprite is being angled.. it all about making it feel like you envision.

  • Ahh, OK, thanks very much.

    I will try all of that!

    Cheers again mate.

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