How do I move multiple objects as a group?

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  • Hi everyone,

    basic editor question: I want to move all the content of my map when I resize the map.

    I want it all to adhere to the grid, but some objects are off the grid due to rotation.

    So what i would like is to do a select-all and move the whole thing by a set number of units. Any way for that in C2?

    Alternativley, is there a way to control which side of the map is extended?

  • Addendum: Problem is, if I move them by mouse dragging, all the silightly offset/rotated objects will not snap into their original relative positions, but instead leave gaps to previsously adjacent objects.

    This could be avoided that by moving the selection numerically, is there a way?

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  • I generally avoid this issue by positioning objects via events rather than the layout editor, but understand that might not be an option in all scenarios.

    For moving, try selecting and using arrows or shift+arrows to move, it may give you more discrete offsets. Scaling and rotating I think you're out of luck. I believe one of the new features in Construct 3 makes it vastly better when manipulating groups of objects in the layout editor.

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