How do I Move an imagepoint with respect to angle?

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  • I'm having a trouble with my new game and I would like to get a small help please.

    First I have a line of size (220x22) pixels. I have two points : the origin where the line will be spawned and imagepoint1 where the spawn will occur.

    It worked perfectly for now. The thing is I needed to make lines go up and down. Let's take Up for now. I have set the origin and imagepoint1 of animation Up by Apply To All Animation from the origin and imagepoint of line straight. The angle of the line in Up is 35 so how can I get the points on the line perfectly so it can spawn right? I want the lines to be smooth since they are going to move along each other as one line of combined lines.

    Is there any way to get the origin and imagepoint at the right position with respect to the angle or size?

    not: The size of the animation Up is (192,144)

    Thanks in Advance!

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  • Is there a reason why you cannot just set angles instead of animation?

  • Is there a reason why you cannot just set angles instead of animation?

    Since I'm using the bullet behavior and they should have the same angle to go with the same line I can't. Because If I do, the direction of line of change. if you want what I mean download Circle. I'm making this game based on it.

  • how about - current angle -180? that is the opposite direction of your facing.

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