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  • I have a game (a weird game) where your a sperm and your always moving forward, as in you cant choose speed or go backwards, but you can go left or right to dodge stuff. How could I accomplish this. I already have it set up so that speed starts at 200 and goes down slowly until you stop. I just want to be able to move left and right only. But always stay facing straight. The head of the sperm always needs to be closer to the top of the screen then the tail. Make sense? please help!

  • Still no reply? Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?

  • Post a link or demo of what you already have set up then it's easier to tell you exactly how to disable the correct movements.

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  • 8direction-movement-behavior with only left and right movement

  • What I learned from Tobye:

    You can just use 'move at angle'. 180 for left, 0 for right. And always remember to set the amount to move as a multiple of dt! (for example: 'left arrow is down' > 'turret move at angle 180, 260*dt').

    Down from the top - 90

    Left - 180

    Right - 0

    Up from the bottom - 270

    I think that's correct.

    I hope this helps

  • if you don't wan't your sperm to move at all you can simply say

    while left button is touching, set x position of sperm = sperm.x -1

    this is not a "proper" solution but maybie it's enough for your needs ..

    I used this when i was new to construct.

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