How do I move a file to Trash Bin (NWJS)

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  • There's a "Delete file" action in Node Webkit / Nw.js, which seems to delete a file completely

    Now how does one delete a file to have it in the system trash bin instead?

    I guess I could use a "Move to", but then there's no NWJS expression for Trash folder apparently

    PS: Also, had anyone tried to move large files with nwjs on Construct2?

    Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem to work over 1Gb or so

  • you could test javascript + ActiveXObject + WScript.Shell but I think nw don't allow this

  • you can set a variable with bin path and use it

    the path is C:\$Recycle.Bin

  • MadSpy Thx but I don't know what that means either : ]

    Fidasx I was thinking of a universal variable like "NWjs.AppFolder" that would work on all platforms

    How would you do it on mac and linux then?

    Also the path to the bin seems a bit more complicated according to this

    (and I didn't manage to make it work in c2 with that path)

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  • yea you are right its more complicated than i thought i tried but its not working

    the first problem is you can only have a path after a folder dialog

    and the second problem is paths ,folder or file names must not have spaces

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