Move comments along with events?

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  • For example I created 9 events. I then created a global variable which would affect events 5-9, which dropped directly under event 9. I added a comment to global variable to allow me to keep track of it.

    However, I thought from a logic perspective, it made sense to move the global variable above to event 5 (since hte global variable affected events 5-9). However, the comment remained below event 9.

    This isn't a big deal - but I can't seem to highlight or delete the "orphaned" comment now? And if I double click on the global variable, the same comment appears in the comment line - but it remains orphaned at the bottom of the screen.

    Since we're able to move events from place to place, and you can move comments around generally, I thought it would make sense for comments to variables move with the variables that they were assigned to.

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  • Could you post a capx ? (upload it to DropBox)

    I can't seem to reproduce what you say with the steps you provided, having your "bugged" capx should help.

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