How do I move char to safe place on auto-runner?

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  • I am developing an endless runner on construct2. I am using the template provided for construct2 that is called "auto-runner". When my character falls on a hole or dies with an obstacle, i want him to revive on a safe spot if the player spends money(virtual one).

    How do i do that? It seems to me like the template is always using the object "Block" as the ground, but i have tried to restart my character at Block.x and Block.y - 20 and sometimes this doesn´t work(the character is not respawned on a safe spot, it dies immediately). Is there any way to reset my character of endless runner on a safe spot?

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  • I have solved the problem and i think it´s the best way: Let the user decide where he want the character to revive and just move the character to there! Problem solved ^^

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