How to move camera between screens?

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This is a code so you can see the same skin on all screens (peers). Each peer gets a skin, in addition to 4 directions t
  • Hello,

    I`m completely new to programming and after finishing a couple of the tutorials( great stuff btw )I`m still completely stumped as to how to set the camera.

    I have started on a platformer al� battlekid and iwbtg screenwise, and my question is how to make the camera seamlessly follow you to the next screen( not megaman style ).

  • You can add the "scroll to" behaviour to your character, and the game window will automatically follow.

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  • Sorry, maybe I didn`t specify clearly enough. I want the camera to center on the screen until I leave it and then center on the screen I`m entering.

    Any tips?

  • The how do I FAQ has some examples of "custom camera" in the section "Scrolling / Camera", but none of the exact type you're talking about.

    You will have to make your own system with events, using a camera as a separate sprite from your player and define your own "rooms" and the way for the camera to stick to it while you're playing the room, then program the transitions from a room to another.

    It can be done, but it's quite a hard task for a beginner. I'd suggest to start with "easier" scrolling type to get used to C2 and making games, and in a later project program this camera system to your likings with the experience you'll have achieved.

  • Thanks for the tip. I have started on a couple of small games with easy mechanics, but this is my main project. I will continue to troubleshoot and send you the result to put in the FAQ section if I feel others can use it.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    I've been using this line of code for years. You'll have to change the numbers to your screen size, and at the last part, use half of your screen size.

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