How do I the move buttons follow my character

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  • Hello Comunity,

    first i want to say that im 16 years old and from Germany so my English is not the best. Sorry for that. I hope you will understand what i mean.

    I am trying to create a platform game with construct to and it works very good but now i have a little problem. I created a big layout wich is bigger than the window and added the behavior scroll to to the player so that the game window follows the player. There is no problem every thing works very well. Now i added arrow buttons to move the player with touch. And there is my Problem: if the player goes the screen follows him but the arrow buttons stay on the place. I want that the arrow buttons are always at the bottom of the gamewindow to move the player on mobile phones. But i dont know how to do please answer me.

    Thanks before Max

  • put the buttons on a different layer and in it's properties set the paralex of that layer to 0,0

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  • i didn't really understand : i hade many ideas :

    if you want to use the arrow as control button : just put it in a different layer and in the layer proprities set the parallax to 0,0 .

    if you want the arrow to follow the play , add Pin behavior to the button and in start of layout pin it to the player

  • Thank you very much it works!

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