How do I move around the perimeter of collision polygons?

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  • It will take a long time to explain why I need this, but I need an object to move along the perimeter of collision polygons. I know you can use Johncw87's Trace plugin, to detect the normal angle of a collision polygon, which should make this relatively easy to achieve. The system also needs to be dynamic, so I can't just program in a set path to follow. It also has to be compatible with multiple different collision polygons that belong to multiple different sprites. If anyone smarter than me knows how to do this (Or has a CAPX) it would be amazing.

  • Not sure you can get collision polygon coordinates in C2, at least not without external plugins or complex formulas with hundreds of overlapping checks.

    You can make a "clone" of the collision polygon with image points and move from one point to another. I did something similar in this post:

    This post may also be relevant:

  • dop2000 I should have specified. I don't need it move along one specific sprite. Just any series of collision polygons. This could include multiple different sprites. (I'll have to edit the post to include this)

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  • Then, like I said, you'll need to perform a ton of overlapping checks to determine object shape.

    If this can be done easier with Trace plugin, you should definitely use it.

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