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  • I am work('ing for a month in England..

    AND i forgot my .Capx in Denmark -_-

    EDIT: I found the Error and fixed it, but then another question came up because of that.


    How it should do

    And here is the Capx of what the version does I have made so far:


    The problem I want to fix is the Mouse. I can't remember how, but I did NOT do it the way I have done in the new Capx.

    The only Blue Tile I want visible is the one the mouse is over.. But in the new one, i had to use a distance to prevent it from making several visible if overlapping at an edge. This was not a problem in the Old Capx...

    Please help me locate the error :)


    So now i simply tried to put:

    Mouse over Object (blue)

    And it worked!

    But how? Is it because the mouse.x and mouse.y are 1 "pixel" so it simply cant overlap two? And because I used the sprite instead it was overlapping more then 1 "pixel"

    Yeh that makes sense.. I shouldn't post this when I am answering myself lmao...

    Move to junk topics ?

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  • Wait, I got a question that is related to this:

    Does it matter how I build up around the Every Tick?

    Can i get in trouble for using

    Every Tick - Set Invisible

    Without setting up parameters for when NOT to set invisible inside the every tick?

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