Mouse control for more than one player object

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  • Hi all, haven't been able to come to grips how to have more than one player object that can use the same mouse input to select and deselect each object to perform basically the same movement and task as the first object. In other words how do you set up the mouse to control objects without interfering with the other previous ones. I suspect the answer is in the order of the event and actions of each one, if that makes any sense. So how would you go about using the same mouse input for all your game objects in a particular group. I just want to be able to select an object using a simple mouse click then the last object that received instructions continues it's task after I select the new one. Any tutorials on the subject . I've read and read but just can't seem to find an example of what I want.


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  • I´m guessing you need to use Families.

    You can put all your movable objects in a Family then wright your events referencing only the Family, the events will apply to the picked object during runtime.

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