How do I mouse click properly?

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  • Hello,

    I am trying to use the mouse the click on sprites and have other sprites appear. In this instance, you would double click on the envelope and the letter would open by setting the letter sprite visible. This doesn't work and I don't know why. I am doing the same thing for other events with similar concepts and it's not working their either.

    Here is a screenshot:

    Thank you.

  • Don't see anything wrong in code... is your letter2 on the same layer as env? You might need to post link to .capx

  • What is .capx? I have everything on one layer and one layout. It wasn't until a few days ago did I realize they should not be that way.

  • Hey maf5713!

    A .capx file is what happens when you save your project as a single file from the file menu.

    On the scirra forums, this is an easy plug and play save file with which we can more thoroughly diagnose problems with your code, and help figure out what is wrong. It's often the case that the problem isn't where you'd expect it to be, so it's helpful to be able to look at the whole project and diagnose the code from there.

    I recommend Google Drive to upload your capx, and then post the link here so we can download and diagnose.

    Hope that helps!

  • Let's play "How Many Times Can Keating Say Diagnose In One Post?"

    ... *headdesk*

  • Thank you so much! Here is the link to the .capx: ... sp=sharing

  • You might have linked to the capx wrong, I don't think that's the whole URL

  • Trying again! : ... sp=sharing

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  • Sorry, it says I can only post plain text URLS right now. I'm not really sure what to do.

  • remove the https:// from the link and try posting again. I know, it's annoying.

  • Okay!

  • Okay, had a look at this. The problem is that you have the condition of mouse click on the envelop as a sub group of the condition when the player is NOT in the dining room. If you take the mouse click on letter condition out of this subgroup, it works. So it's just a matter of putting the condition in a different spot.

    I would actually suggest you stop at this point and take a bit of time to start using groups, as it's going to make tracking this sort of stuff a lot easier, especially as your project gets bigger.

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