MoPub + Admob Problem?

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  • guero

    Are you using your publisher ID or your ad ID? I got mine working. I thought I read somewhere that I should use my Publisher ID.


  • AdMob Banner ID = ID

    Put that ID into MoPub AdMob settings and set CPM to 0.01 or 0.05, works fine for me.

  • AnD4D Great news . :) I will try I hope I can. If I cant I write you to get your help. :)

  • AnD4D Sorry Dude :) I cant. i sent you PM. Please check it out. :)

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  • Thank you ArcadEd! I hope to be contributing here more frequently in the near future. A lot potential questions/answers/knowledge will be over on the Twitter Developer portal so I would suggest connecting there.

  • Hey guero & AnD4D,

    Curious which SDK version are you running for MoPub?

    This detailed instruction helps with getting setup and integrated:

    Along with creating orders/line items:

    Please review the guide on how to integrate with Third Party Ad-Networks:

  • Agree too ArcadEd comments-- a lot of times the particular network is not activate when it is listed within the UI.

    For guidance please refer to..

    First Setup your Ad Network:

    Then Create and Manage a Segment (Ad Network):

  • sweetiewill

    The SDK we are using is based on whatever CocoonJS has implemented. It's hard to get any answers out of them though. I would hope they stayed up to date on the SDK considering MoPub is the only Ad network they have implemented.

    We don't actually install the SDK ourselves, it's all done automatically with the CocoonJS compiler.

  • ArcadEd sweetiewill Sorry dear friends. I forget write here. I solved problem. I export my game with last version of C2 and it works. I used very old version.

  • Thank you ArcadEd for the context and background! I am unfamiliar with CocoonJS from Ludei and will explore deeper by reaching out to Ludei.

  • sweetiewill

    Helo, did you get any response from Ludei on this matter?


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