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  • 1. In my Mopub marketplace it says my account is still awaiting approval, does this mean I can't receive ads from just the marketplace or I can't receive any ads at all from any network, Admob etc?

    2. When I test my app in CocoonJS launcher banner ads are showing up, yet my Admob account is showing no impressions, but in the compiled apk I am only getting the Mopub demo ad? I tried disabling the Mopub demo ad but still get no ads in the apk, but ads always show up when I preview in CocoonJS launcher.

    3. Is there anyway to scale banner ads on phone in landscape view? Right now I have the standard banner 320x50, there is no option to scale to 100% width and you can't use smart banners with Mopub. For tablets you can pick the leaderboard type ad, but I want a banner at full width for a phone in landscape.

    Any help would be appreicated, thanks.

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  • I can probably shed some light on 2). Mopub ad stats are delayed, so you may need to wait for a day or so. As for the demo ad showing up, it could be due to the fact that no networks are linked to a particular banner. For each banner you create, you have to manually enable the networks buy entering the CPM values other than 0. This can be done in the Network Tab, in Segments->Global Segment ( or other segment if you created some more ).

  • Actually you answered 1 & 2, I just check my segments and I am not able set my CPM, I guessing because my account has not been approved. Thanks.

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